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Welcome to PRO-GALAXY

Aiming to Become an “Indispensable, Brilliantly Individual Company,” through Continuing to Create New Value by Combining Technology and Sensibility.

Glittering Stars


Discover our software and applications for PC, Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Android. Useful solutions for creating studio sound.

I feel very lucky to be making a living doing something I love. There were times when I really had a hard time finding joy in anything, but I was always able to make it back to that feeling I used to get when I was in the back of a Genos.


We hope you are enjoying your instrument. New online destination with everything you need to enjoy your Psr and Genos, instrument to its full potential.

We recommend Yamaha users

Are you allowed to keep up to date with the latest? The latest music technologies for:

  • PSR SX
  • PSR S
  • TYROS 5

For people

Work on your phone or tablet, computer or keyboard, or whatever you like is good! I pray to God for all, for all creation!