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Welcome to PRO-GALAXY

Aiming to Become an “Indispensable, Brilliantly Individual Company,” through Continuing to Create New Value by Combining Technology and Sensibility.

We have good things

Special packages for folklore

Capturing the samples through microphones used in the studio, the condenser microphones capture the very qualitative sound. Audio recording is done with high definition sound cards for a perfect result!

Preparing the voices

The next step is editing

For each model there is a special preparation. Editing WAV samples to be transformed into VOICES. Editing requires a lot of patience and skill! The result must be the most qualitative, for the most sensitive ears!

Discover new sounds

Cimbalom "Tambal"

Styles specific to the Eastern European area, as in Romania, Moldova, Hungary, gypsy music, traditional music, rustic and natural. Complete packages that contain Voices and Styles that can be loaded into Yamaha.

How do I make a style?

To create a good style I need a computer

To create a Style I use a Genos, a PSR SX900, as well as a computer with special software. Here are little secrets of writing and editing. The experience in this field is acquired in many years, it is not easy!